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*On 30th Oct. 2013* Times of India (Delhi)

LAPTOP STOLEN, CCTV on wrong positioning on ISBT, Kashmirigate

New Delhi: A software engineering student of Punjabi University has claimed that his laptop, which had his project software that can be used as a cheap way to simulate a rocket launching system, was stolen from the Kashmere Gate bus terminus last week.

Aditya Pandey had gone to Kerala to receive a medal he was awarded in a national design competition and boarded a bus to Patiala from the terminus at 1.30pm on October 26. Soon, he could not find his laptop bag kept on the luggage bunk. He searched the bus and the terminus but couldn't find it. "It contained certain copyrighted data about the simulated launching system which can be sensitive if these fall into wrong hands," said Pandey.

Police said they were retrieving CCTV footage from the area while the driver and the conductor of the bus were being interrogated to find out details of the passengers. Police are suspecting the involvement of a gang in the theft.

Local people alleged that CCTVs at ISBT are positioned wrongly, giving criminals a chance to slip with their loot unnoticed. Police said they were looking into the allegations.

"We have registered a case of theft under IPC 379," said A Sindhu Pillai, DCP, North district.


"At times the wrong designing & positioning of CCTV cameras can not only defy the whole purpose of monitoring but also gives criminals a clear edge over law. This lapse can also be a big bottleneck in case of any terror activities & such public places are ideal for criminals & terrorists. Designing & positioning should not be one way process where client or installer finalises the position, it should be in mutual discussion with both client & installer to get the best out of the technology."

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